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Registration open: trainees-led virtual training programme on gender and research ethics!

BCA-WA-ETHICS II is launching its first trainees-led training programme from its e-Learning work package. The programme titled "Training on research ethics, gender mainstreaming, NREC governance, and audit preparedness" kicks off on October 24th at 9 AM GMT.

The training will be fully led by interns who participated in the Research ethics and gender mainstreaming internship at the Aragon Research Ethics Committee and the University of Zaragoza in May 2022. Check out the following link for more info:

The programme will be conducted entirely in French. To register for the training, kindly fill the following form:

To learn more about the programme, kindly download the official programme flyer and calender using the link below:

The fundamentals of research ethics training programmev2 (1)-merged
Download PDF • 1.64MB

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