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CNERS Senegal becomes first African NREC to earn the prestigious ISO9001 certification!

Senegal has made history by becoming the first African research ethics committee to achieve ISO9001 certification, marking a significant milestone in quality management systems in research on the continent. This achievement is the result of steadfast leadership, exceptional dedication, and a commitment to implementing a robust quality management system. This achievement is part of the EDCTP-funded BCA-WA-ETHICS II project's efforts to strengthen research ethics governance in West Africa.

The ISO9001 certification a globally recognized stamp of approval that assures an organization's commitment to quality and continual improvement.

It demonstrates that an organization has implemented a robust quality management system that meets international standards, focusing on client satisfaction, management processes, and continuous improvement.

The achievement underscores CNERS' commitment to transparency, efficiency, and swift processing and tracking of research applications, as noted by Senegal's Health Minister, Marie Khemesse Ngom Ndiaye, in a recent commendation letter.

In his congratulatory message, the Health Minister expressed immense satisfaction with the award, stating, "This hard-earned recognition, resulting from persistent efforts and productive leadership, confirms that CNERS has dedicated its course to transparency, efficacy, and swift treatment and tracking of research protocols."

The ISO9001 certification serves not only as a testament to CNERS' efforts but also bolsters Senegal's distinguished position in global research regulation. As the Minister highlighted, "This ISO9001 certification, a first of its kind in Africa, contributes to reinforcing Senegal's premier standing on the global stage concerning research regulation."

The acquisition of the ISO9001 certification is poised to inspire other National Research Ethics Committees (NRECs) across Africa. It stands as a beacon of CNERS' commitment to enhancing their governance and leadership, setting an impressive example for other NRECs on the continent.

The ISO9001 certification represents a turning point for CNERS and for health research ethics committees across Africa. As they continue their work, this historic accomplishment will serve as a constant reminder of the high standards of accountability, efficiency, and quality in health research ethics management that can be achieved.

This momentous accomplishment of CNERS is an exciting sign of progress and a testament to the power of dedication to quality and ethical standards. We heartily congratulate the National Health Research Ethics Committee of Senegal on this extraordinary achievement.

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