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BCA-WA-ETHICS II delivers sex and gender approaches training to Niger's National ethics committee

The Virtual Research Ethics Secretariat of the BCA-WA-ETHICS II project recently organized and completed a training course titled "Understanding and Applying Gender and Sex

Approaches in Research Ethics" for Niger's National Research Ethics Committee (CNERS). The training took place on the 20th and 21st of March 2023, over the span of 6 hours. The training, which brought together 9 CNERS members, was delivered in six modules, covering topics such as the fundamentals of gender and sex, their role as health determinants, the integration of gender and sex into research, and the application of CNERS Niger's new protocol evaluation tools which were conceived by the Virtual Research Ethics Secretariat.

Through this training, CNERS members acquired essential skills to integrate gender and sex approaches into research ethics.

The BCA-WA-ETHICS II project is committed to strengthening the capacities of research ethics committees in the West Africa region and hopes that this training will contribute to improving the quality and ethics of research projects in Niger.

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