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Over 130 scientists at the "Fundamentals of research ethics" training programme

On June 27th, BCA-WA-ETHICS II and the Africa Bioethics Network kicked off the training on the "Fundamentals of research ethics" in the presence of over 130 participants from 31 different countries in East, West, Central, and Southern Africa and Europe. The training covered the following themes, counting on the expertise of facilitators from Kenya, Ghana, and Spain:

Module 1: Introduction to Research Ethics

Module 2: Ethical Principles in Research

Module 3: Composition and Functions of review committees

Module 4: Research Design & Ethics

Module 5. Research ethics evaluation

Module 6: Informed Consent

Module 7: Research Involving Vulnerable Populations

Module 8: Research Integrity

Module 9: Post Approval Monitoring

Module 10: Sex and gender considerations in research protocol evaluation

Module 11: Community Engagement Ethics

Module 12: Emerging Issues in Research Ethics

The training spanned the duration of 5 days (17.5 hours).

To access the training materials, kindly visit this link:

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