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Launch of the African Journal of Bioethics! + call for editors and peer reviewers

The BCA-WA-ETHICS II Team is delighted to announce the launch of the African Journal of Bioethics in collaboration with the Africa Bioethics Network!

This journal was created with the objective of removing barriers to publication facing African scientists and bioethicists such as long review times and expensive article processing charges. It is meant to be an open-access platform encompassing all bioethical issues related to the African continent. The African Journal of Bioethics (AJB) aims to encourage pan-African harmonization in pertinent bioethical issues affecting Africa, enhance the standards of experimental and observational research ethics in the African continent and promote robust discussions on emerging bioethical issues.

The AJB is registered under ISSN 2951-9853 and the Crossref DOI prefix 10.58177/.

The AJB is seeking editors and peer reviewers with knowledge and expertise in bioethics! Do you think you would be a good fit? Click the following link for more info:

For more information on the AJB, visit the journal's website here:

Stay tuned for our upcoming call for papers!

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