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BCA-WA-ETHICS II at the Global Health Network Conference in Cape Town

The presentation titled "Promoting health and gender equity through research ethics capacity building: the Spanish-West African experience" was delivered on November 24th 2022 at the Global Health Network Conference 2022, held at the University of Cape Town.

The presentation was a part of the Session titled Ensuring Research Findings are Taken Up into Policy and Practice, chaired by Professor John Reeder – Director, Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR), World Health Organization (WHO).

The presentation recounted the different work packages and activities of BCA-WA-ETHICS II including capacity-building, dissemination and production of guidelines and toolkits of sex and gender approaches in research ethics, as well as the work of the Virtual Research Ethics Secretariat with the different West African National Research Ethics Committees. The talk was concluded with a set of recommendations for the effective integration of gender mainstreaming into research and research ethics in an African setting, with a strong emphasis on promoting African leadership, researcher capacity-building, and equitable and fair North-South partnership practices.

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